Maureen Mwangi

Entrepreneur, Brand Growth Strategist, CEO of Startward Consulting

"I just wanted to tell you that the process and clothes are incredible! After my shoot we should definitely clean out my closet and reset my style. It's really hard to see styling work come together, but once things arrive it's like magical! I'm sooooo appreciative of you guys.  Thanks Kaylie Simmone for starting this business and giving women an opportunity to look and feel their best" 

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Sarah Gray

Co-owner & COO at Vision Of Self

"I'm very aware that I need to be fully present at all times and more of my headspace is now focussing on what I do, rather than what I need to be wearing. I literally just open my wardrobe and pull out an outfit. It's taken such a weight off my mind!" 

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Dr Ranelli Williams 

Entrepreneur, Author, Host of The Profitable Entrepreneurs Network

"I just want to say thank you so much, I appreciate you! Having my outfits laid out ahead of time for my launch save me on time and I showed up way more confident than I had done in the past " 

Kelly Roach

Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Best selling author, Founder & CEO of Unstoppable Entrepreneur, Giver Her Courage & The Human Foundation

"You did a phenomenal job i cannot wait to see the pics I will tag you all over the place and promote your work for sure thank you for all!!!" 

Victoria Maskell

Entrepreneur, Host of The Positivity and Prosperity Podcast

"I was thinking 'how did you know I would love that?!'. You just made everything so easy for me and I felt really good at the event. I felt like me!" 

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Sylvia Sharp

Entrepreneur, Creative Director at Champion CareGiver

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Louisa Havers

Entrepreneur, Creator of Aligned Success and Soulful Business Mastery

"You were brilliant at showing me what goes together and how I can be both elegant AND comfortable at the same time." 


Jo Vetter

Actor, Life Coach

"There's been a huge difference in my sense of confidence and positivity in connecting with people."