'I feel so relaxed and the whole experience was just so easy! Thinking what to wear was causing me so much stress because I never want to represent myself incorrectly. Fashion is not my zone of genius and I don't have enough hours in the day as it is! I'm very aware that I need to be fully present at all times and more of my headspace is now focussing on what I do, rather than what I need to be wearing. I literally just open my wardrobe and pull out an outfit. It's taken such a weight off my mind!' Sarah, COO

'I usually hate shopping; I don't have the time or desire for it! So, the VIP service was amazing. One of the things that was mind-blowing for me, having always operated from a minimal wardrobe, was all the options you gave me that would support my wardrobe. You were brilliant at showing me what goes together and how I can be both elegant AND comfortable at the same time" Louisa, CEO

'What an enjoyable few hours! She instinctively knew what colours and styles would suit me, and I had great fun trying them on and seeing the results.  Nothing was too much trouble. I came away feeling very good about myself, my look, and very happy having spent some quality time creating a look which best represented me.  I would highly recommend the team who made the whole experience so worthwhile and enjoyable!" Gillian, Project Manager

'You understood me AND my personal brand; it was stress + hassle free! I had a lot of misconceptions about working with a stylist but with you I felt so comfortable, so listened to. When you put together the looks and 99% of it was absolutely spot on, I was thinking 'how did you know I would love that?!'. You just made everything so easy for me and I felt really good at the event. I felt like me!" Victoria, CEO

'I'm myself....Instead of me *trying* to be someone.​ [This has] given me an excitement about my brand that I didn't have before. There's been a huge difference in my sense of confidence and positivity in connecting with people." Jo, Actress & Small Business Owner


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