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7 Answers to Styling Yourself for Online Marketing | VISION OF SELF

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Working with successful Women in Business - and being women in business ourselves - we know how important it is to have the right outfits for online marketing and online visibility.

Facebook Lives, Podcasts, YouTube, Instagram, TV...many of our clients utilise these channels everyday as a core part of their business strategy. It is therefore essential that you have a wardrobe strategy to match your business objectives.

Here are 7 questions you must consider as you are preparing your outfits:

1. How do I want to feel at this event? (Use these emotions to help you select the clothes that most make you feel this way. For example 'confident': what type of outfits make you feel most confident?)

2. Which parts of my body will be seen? (full body, half body, neck up only etc - this will help you laser focus on the specific items of clothes that you need)

3. What is my position at this event? (guest, host, participant, VIP guest, audience member. This will help you select the most appropriate outfit)

4. What do I want to project & How do I want to be perceived? (This will determine your choice of clothing, including colour, texture and style)

5. What is the background/set? (What is the setting...Will there be props...What colour is the background...Do not overlook this; your outfit needs to compliment, not clash)

6. What is the vibe and communication style of the specific platform I will be visible on? (Knowing how the audience behaves, interacts and their expectations of the platform will help you select outfits that best match. For example is it a formal platform, casual, very interactive, will their be 2-way communication, will I have to move around, will I be stationary...)

7. Do I have the perfect outfit in mind? (If yes, does it exist in your wardrobe or do you need to shop?)

Once you have the answers to these questions you will be able to style yourself accordingly for any online event.

Ready for to have all of your wardrobe needs taken care of? See our styling services here, or Contact us here.

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