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Vision Of Self is an independently owned personal styling company. We are a female lead business, birthed from a desire to empower our fellow female leaders, like you. Together, we are a female force. We are change makers. We are innovators. We shake up the status quo.


Taking a stand and doing your best work, requires you to be the fullest expression of yourself with your style telling the world exactly who you are.


Our personal styling services are tailored to help you show up with intention, purpose and impact. We are your catalyst for confidence and power. By taking your wardrobe needs off your plate, you free up mental headspace to drive your vision forward.

Most importantly, we champion your mission and the change you are making in this world. Armed with fashion, we are your secret weapon to help you stand 10 feet taller and speak 10x louder. Because you need to be seen and heard. This is why we exist.