LEGACY Atelier

The image, confidence and outfits you need - without it costing your time.

Are you hitting new levels of success and you need style to match - but trying to find more hours in the day to shop and find the right looks is quite frankly mission impossible?

We get it.


Successful women need impactful closets.

Legacy Atelier is where we take the guesswork (and stresswork) over what to wear and how to best represent yourself off your plate


...with done-for-you styling exclusively for 7 & 8+ figure (or on your way to) entrepreneurs and senior executives.

There is no more time to be networking on Zoom with your peers feeling like you don't look the part, or questioning if you're communicating the right message when you're in front of potential clients.

Whether you’re going live on FB, having a photoshoot, or delivering a keynote speech, LOOKING GOOD and feeling elevated in what you wear fuels your confidence which is critical to your growth.


--> Style strategy to maximise your image and perception in line with your business goals and new levels of success

--> unlimited outfit creation & wardrobe edit for all occasions you need (from launches, photoshoots, brand assets, podcasts, book covers, speaking events, peer masterminds, retreats, travel wear/vacation wear etc)

--> done-for-you shopping and ordering

--> private access to your personal concierge and image specialists (aka your glam squad for unlimited guidance on wardrobe, hair, make up, underwear)

It's time to eliminate the style-stress and free up your headspace.

Due to the personalisation of this service we want to speak with you to ensure all of your needs are met and you are the right fit.


We look forward to speaking with you.


​Here's what our multi 6, 7 and 8 figure clients say about working with us:​

"....I co-own a multi-7-figure business and I really didn't feel like I was dressing the part. Knowing what to wear was always a challenge and added another stressor before going on camera. Now, I know I'm going to show up looking amazing and feeling amazing. Its really had a big impact!..."

Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 16.53.53.png

"....I love the weekly outfit creation its made my Launches so much smoother and easier. My audience has noticed how bold, confident and elevated I look and you've been able to position me as a high ticket brand so its been a phenomenal experience. Its very easy, very swift and very convenient!"

Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 19.11.27.png

"...I usually hate shopping; I don't have the time or desire for it! That said I knew I wanted and needed to dress as the expert that I'd hire. I realised that showing up as my best self in clothes that I felt confident in had a ripple effect across my business giving me more confidence in leading my community and representing the essence of my brand..."