She's got that Je Ne Sais Quoi. And she knows it.

For a woman to  conquer her day, she needs to feel like a confident powerhouse. It takes just 7 seconds to make an impression and feeling sure about the style statement that you are making is the driving force behind how you show up and how others perceive you. 


We believe your wardrobe is your secret weapon. When you know what to wear and how to wear it aligned with your essence and personal brand, it is certain that you will best represent yourself and feel empowered to show up bigger and bolder than ever before.


Who are Vision of Self?

Vision Of Self is an independently owned luxury personal styling and wardrobe management company. We are a female lead business, partnering with change makers, innovators, and those who naturally shake up the status quo.


Combining a love of fashion and style with extensive business acumen we provide done-for-you style strategies that support women in up-levelling their confidence, perception and positioning all without adding to their already busy schedules.

Founded in 2019 by Kaylie Simmone and co-owned by Sarah Gray, Vision of Self work with high-performing Executives and Founders who are committed to rapid growth and making an impact in their industry. 

Our Values

The team at VOS are deeply passionate about amplifying women's voices and do not participate in perpetuating stereotypical ideals of beauty and worth. Their mission is for all women to see their beauty - regardless of shape, size, race, gender identity and style - and stand taller in the world.


To further support this mission VOS provide a diverse working environment with employees that uphold their values of social justice and equality as well as being in the process of selecting the charitable organisations they will be supporting to continue the fight for global equality.

Our Commitment

Taking a stand and doing your best work, requires you to be the fullest expression of yourself with certainty that your style statement is communicating the right message.


Our personal styling services are tailored to help you show up with intention, purpose and impact. We are dedicated to taking your wardrobe needs off your plate, to free up your mental headspace to drive your vision forward.

Most importantly, we champion your mission and the change you are making in this world and are committed to helping you be the boldest leader you can be.

Why are we different?


Your image goes far beyond the clothes you are putting on; it's your essence and your true self expression combined with the embodiment of confidence and your visual perception.  At VOS you don’t work with a stylist, you work with an image specialist whose first job is to understand you, your mission and your work/brand. Whether you are the leader of a rapidly growing mini empire or heading up a mutli-million organisation we gain a deep understand of where you are and where you are going so that your style strategy is completely aligned with your goals and your operational reality (partner travelling, homeschooling kids, keeping on top of your health, and other superwoman things).


Effective styling is not a case of selecting looks that are on ‘trend’ or ‘cute outfits’. It is a strategic process that marries your work, brand, personality and personal preferences resulting in carefully curated looks that directly impact your confidence, perception and growth.

The Domino Effect


When women come to us to improve their image and increase their confidence in the way they look, that has a direct knock on effect to how she shows up in the world. We see ourselves as a domino in the many elements of what contributes to woman's success. We strive to be a part of the support system that women truly need to be seen, heard, and thrive.